About Us

Apennine Development Co., LLC is a Delaware based real estate development company, which was formed to combine more than 100 years of senior management experience in virtually all aspects of commercial real estate development. Apennine Development focuses on three core investment strategies in the Mid-Atlantic region: (i) building and holding multifamily, commercial, retail, industrial, and hospitality assets; (ii) acquiring and redeveloping existing multifamily, commercial, hospitality, and industrial assets with value-add potential; and (iii) acquiring and developing commercial and residential land for rent or for sale, including finished and paper lot sales to regional and national homebuilders.

Apennine Development’s portfolio at stabilization is $520MM.

Our senior management team is as unique as our name is difficult to pronounce ([AP] + [UH] + [NYN]). The senior management team’s success comes from a combination of varied, significant in-market experience within the Mid-Atlantic region and a level of knowledge and operational excellence gleaned from diverse expertise and specialties. Most management teams can perform in a rising market. The challenge is to determine how to best leverage competitive advantages in land position, buying power, personnel, and our understanding of the market and its needs, both current and future, to outperform the market by navigating those external forces beyond our control. This is where Apennine Development has demonstrated proven success.

One further competitive advantage that Apennine Development enjoys is that it is vertically integrated in some of the most important development functions. Apennine Development’s team includes in-house legal, and both a plumbing and mechanical company in Vertical Mechanical Solutions, LLC, and a full service general contracting company in MFCS, LLC (d/b/a Multi-Family Construction Services). The foregoing integration allows Apennine Development to self-perform many functions typically outsourced, permitting Apennine Development both cost and schedule controls.